The roller coaster is just getting started

-Nathalie Ramirez -June 20, 2021 Full compliance from the masses is what they have It’s a world-wide conundrum A one percent faction found around the globe The sheep are everywhere They run amok And within the flock That one percent wake folk Sit in isolation Mindless herds walking past They’re not dumb They’re having aContinue reading “The roller coaster is just getting started”

Keep on swimming

-Nathalie Ramirez -May 20, 2021 Verbally inspired to bring you some noise Hear it in the echos, hear it in your mind Roaring thunder and savage rain Feeling inspired to raise up with joy Let go of what you think you know All knowledge is someone’s opinion What matters is how you act every dayContinue reading “Keep on swimming”

Sippin’ on some truths

-March 31,2021 -Nathalie Ramirez Vitamin water on my head Quinine on my bed Vitamin C dancing tonight Hydrochloroquine howling at the moon 5G towers running amuck Zinc deficiency takes our taste buds Radiation poison Not virulent disease Scared of viruses But not of type 2 diabetes Or heart problems galore Keep taking those pills SoContinue reading “Sippin’ on some truths”