Everyone wants a ticket onto Noah’s Ark

December 4th, 2020 -Nathalie Ramirez We want to undo tyranny, but that cannot be done, tyranny is what tyranny does, what we have to do is stop participating in it. To do this, we must educate ourselves. At this point in time any and all information is relevant; in order for me to learn theContinue reading “Everyone wants a ticket onto Noah’s Ark”

The Storm that Keeps on Giving

November 23, 2020 -Nathalie Ramirez Flippity flippity Serendipity The end is nowhere in sight Clones after clones Generated within Corruption’s a blight Gobbelty gop That’s not my slop I heard your intentions It’s proving infectious Barriers between us Isolating souls Coming all in torts There is the Trojan Horse Dressed up in a white labContinue reading “The Storm that Keeps on Giving”

Dependent Solely on Vaccines

November 19, 2020 -Nathalie Ramirez Isn’t it ironic That the herd is so heavily vaccinated “For good health”, they say “To fight disease”, they say And when a virus comes along With a 99% survival rate Our “good health” falls short in the test “Well that’s absurd”, they say This virus needs a specific vaccineContinue reading “Dependent Solely on Vaccines”

It’s Convid cos this Article does Not Want to be Censored

November 17, 2020 -Nathalie Ramirez We are officially in the Twilight Zone. All year, I think people were keeping their thoughts to themselves or maybe they didn’t know what to think, but now that people think that Biden won, true colors are coming out. This year has belonged to the “conspiracy theorists”, as everything thatContinue reading “It’s Convid cos this Article does Not Want to be Censored”

Defunding and Reforming the police – my encounters with the men and women in Blue – Part 1, The Intro

I have sat on this one for a quite a while, exposing the police officers I have encountered exposes myself just as much. While my crimes were never serious, I experienced great shame in what I have had to go through. As a matter of fact, I have begun to write this piece several times,Continue reading “Defunding and Reforming the police – my encounters with the men and women in Blue – Part 1, The Intro”