Rebel the Food Shortage Creations by Growing Your Own Food

By Nathalie Ramirez Tuesday, October 19, 2021 Most of us know by now the gist of what’s going on, that the elitists want to control the rest of us and that they want depopulation and basically an Orwellian world where we’re all tracked and we don’t know Jack about them. We know they mean toContinue reading “Rebel the Food Shortage Creations by Growing Your Own Food”

Indoctrination Dependant or Change Acceptance

-Nathalie Ramirez -July 10, 2021 Days are getting both harder and easier, with gas prices going up to the open borders allowing a downpour of fentanyl to come into the country to the hope and promise that comes from every strike in court against the cabal. We keep revolving day in and out waiting, aContinue reading “Indoctrination Dependant or Change Acceptance”

The roller coaster is just getting started

-Nathalie Ramirez -June 20, 2021 Full compliance from the masses is what they have It’s a world-wide conundrum A one percent faction found around the globe The sheep are everywhere They run amok And within the flock That one percent wake folk Sit in isolation Mindless herds walking past They’re not dumb They’re having aContinue reading “The roller coaster is just getting started”