Light worker, environmentalist, mom, partner – long live the people.

I “woke up” when my partner had the symptoms of colon cancer going on 6 years ago. The next step was surgery, and of course, panic. Instead, he found that by eating a plant based diet, instead of the traditional Western diet, he could reverse the irritation caused in the colon. Please see The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell. This form of prevention made something click for us, it made so much sense. It fueled our path to further investigate the fraud found behind so many topics that are found to be controversial. I created this platform to voice my concerns in the hopes that prevention can help save others, like it saved us.

I’m mostly self-taught and I attended community college with a major in business. I worked in construction until I quit my job to take care of my kids. I’ve taken a course in midwifery as well. I’m an avid researcher, extremely passionate, and I love my family very much.

-Nathalie Ramirez

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