Stained windows

By Nathalie Ramirez

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Emotions in motion

Laying tracks down a hill

Paving a way

Through a crowd full of shills

Unbeknownst to most

Of the roles that they play

Or the faces they wear

Not their own but worn proud

They fight to keep the crown

I can’t pretend anymore

This ride is making me nauseated

The ups and the downs

And the loop-ty loop shams

That keep most entranced

This is a different kind of dance

The curtain was drawn

For a whole year last year!

I don’t know what it looked like

Anywhere else but from my chair

I saw chaos ensue

When the lies perpetrated

And the panic consumed

Those who couldn’t take it

I never thought I’d live to see the day

When the world changed

When Iq’s went up

When the questions flowed

Though the lies flow quicker

Corruption pulled the curtain back up

And most are all too happy to go back to it

What is normal anyway?

Pondering what society says is ok?

Nay say I

No normal for me

I’ve rebuked it like sin

Why change now

My priorities are set

Like a rampaging storm

Casting light from above

People see for a second

Then deny the existence

Of anything seen

Beyond pink shaded glasses

Start a buddy system

Count heads

Don’t go losing any more ya hear!

Maybe I’ll say it in Japanese

In English I’m not understood

Nor have I done much translating to Spanish

Negating my roots

But I’m American damnit

I was born here

Don’t fit in here don’t fit in there

Either way my time is taken for granted

Cos I’m looked at for what I don’t do

What I could do

What I shouldn’t have said

Then why keep going

I keep asking myself

Then the reason for my world

Wakes me up early in the morning

Saying, “Mom, it’s time to get up.”

#calixtosgarden #plantingseeds #wordplay #betterdaysahead

Published by Nathalie Ramirez

My love for humanity, and for the planet, has set me on a path of healing through love, compassion, and understanding. I'm originally from a big city in the big state of Texas, making my personality quite large. I then landed in a small town that's out-of-puzzles gorgeous where people still wave at each other when coming across each other in the street. This transition has helped my development and tried relationships with distance and sacrifice. I have 2 beautiful boys, Silas and Declan, and their loving father, Curtis, who make my world go round. My political views all stem from wanting to protect this beauty in all its forms.

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