The Storm is Here

-Nathalie Ramirez

-June 14, 2021

Flynn said the storm is here

To keep an eye out for

Military leaks and tribunals

Man I wish I had a front seat

To see those funerals

Keep a lookout for

What wasn’t there before

Shine the light on what will happen

It’s President Trump’s birthday today

He must have something in store

It’s a great day for something more

I’ll celebrate

I love that guy

Make him a cake

A gift he’ll never see

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

How weird then to do it

How curious it seems

When we want a peek

We get more sublime

We see here and there

How obstacles are changing

Sometimes to hinder

Others to help

I’m watching and waiting

With anticipation

I’ll make the popcorn

Please don’t disappoint me

I’ve been waiting for this moment

For far too long

It’s been a big wish of mine

To see Hillary behind bars

That bitch is truly evil

Even if evil is a human made concept

And Obama too

He’s way past his prime

Equally full of slime

I cried when I heard

There was proof against him

It was a military leak

Impossible to prove

But I cried anyway

Cos Trump said he’s draining the swamp

A sort of coup’de’tat

With him at the front

They were gonna take Obama out

Instead Trump was elected

But there’s still more to go

For those who run a broke corporation

Hope you have a good birthday Trump

And I hope we’re let in on it

I hope we get to see

What changes our country forever

They said Nesara is fake news

A psy op by the CIA

That’s really too bad

But as long as the corruption sees

It’s match in its duplicity

Then I’ll be ok with that

With no longer being programmed

No more indoctrination

Keep all the money

Fine we’ll deal

As long as those corrupt

See full destruction

#calixtosgarden #plantingseeds #thestormishere #waiting

Published by Nathalie Ramirez

My love for humanity, and for the planet, has set me on a path of healing through love, compassion, and understanding. I'm originally from a big city in the big state of Texas, making my personality quite large. I then landed in a small town that's out-of-puzzles gorgeous where people still wave at each other when coming across each other in the street. This transition has helped my development and tried relationships with distance and sacrifice. I have 2 beautiful boys, Silas and Declan, and their loving father, Curtis, who make my world go round. My political views all stem from wanting to protect this beauty in all its forms.

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