The tickets to Alice’s Wonderland are all sold out

-February 28, 2021

-Nathalie Ramirez

I hit a breaking point the other day, the straw that broke the camels back so to speak; I was censored by one of my own.

It’s one thing to be censored by Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, we all expect that anymore, but Facebook has created green shirts among us, the admins.

I’m not talking about all of them, perhaps, I don’t know them all, but there seems to be a running theme of shutting off comments “before things get too volatile”, or “to spare her feelings”, it’s disgusting. I’m not saying that sensitive people shouldn’t be looked after, but cutting off all communication because the sensitivity level couldn’t take it? I don’t think people realize the wreckage to the first amendment this causes, it makes it so people think it’s ok to shut down the conversation cos some people get too riled up; must contain the passion!

What gets me riled up is not being able to speak. I have wasted so much time on Facebook, this chapter in my life was eventful but I think it’s ran it’s course.

I began my activism on Facebook maybe 4 or 5 years ago, shortly after I “woke up”. I never really ventured out to any other social media platforms, it wasn’t my thing, I was new to Facebook about 4 or 5 years ago and the first thing I did was start screaming about all the injustices in the world caused by the deep state. Of course, at the time I didn’t know it was the deep state necessarily but I knew it was by a corrupt government. People have been laughing at me and calling me crazy for years, and for the most part it was ok cos this has never been about me, if it was about me I don’t think I could’ve done it.

I didn’t have the words at first but I did have the information; back before the Great Awakening people could not see what I was telling them, they wouldn’t read the information just the headline and say it wasn’t so. For so long I tried to convince everyone and warn them of the consequences of our actions, the agenda is being pushed by the deep state but we are the ones agreeing to walk off the cliff.

With time the words came to me, and honestly I had the same debates over and over, to this day they are the same. Everyone is different and each person is considered in my mind but the arguments that I am debating are the same, and I don’t know whether I really made a difference or if I just made more people think me crazy. Again, it was never about me so these things are easy to let go, even if it does sting when someone laughs at me, the point isn’t trying to convince anyone but merely to plant seeds that will someday grow.

Lately I’ve been feeling as though I’ve hit a wall, like if my activism has reached its height and all those who are going to wake up did and those who refuse to won’t, and that’s fine, but it seems there will not be a tipping point, perhaps the pendulum swing is not meant to tip.

I don’t want to convince anyone because it’s a lot of responsibility to be awake, and it’s taxing on the soul to have to be alone because going with the tide is no longer a choice when you know that tide is headed off a cliff. I had to step off that tide, and I tried desperately for so long to get as many as I could off of it.

The deep state is not going to stop, and it is with our acceptance and consent that they could get away with it.

So many things happened last year, I remember it all from the first stimulus checks to the protests and the riots that turned violent to talking about defunding the police and Kobe died and so did Ruth Bader Ginsberg who had been the person who changed the legal age of consent in the US to 12 years old. So many things were exploding that I was soaring in the sky, I was so sure that all the gems I was throwing out there were making a difference, that people were finally seeing what I had been saying all along.

And then the election was stolen and everyone reverted back to pre 2020, like if all those crazy things in China and Italy hadn’t happened, like if the Rona wasn’t used as an excuse to completely shut down our lives; people have gone right back to calling me crazy…sigh

I can’t change what I have no control over, and that’s ok I accept that, but there is one thing I can control that has been on my mind for quite some time…now I don’t like to go and make some big announcement about how I’m going to make some big change cos if I don’t follow through well there goes my word, it’s better if I just do it and if I wanna talk about it, if it’s relevant to anything then I’ll talk about it, but I think I’m gonna announce.

I am tired of being censored, tired of spending hours on Facebook doing so much research for just one post for it to maybe be seen by some, and maybe some of them click on it and actually read it or watch the film. See I’ve been ok with this too cos I always think that if I reach just one person it will have all been worth it, but this is such a waste of my valuable time. I feel as though my time is better spent here, even if it is just to share a meme.

I’m tired of being laughed at, I feel like this is mostly my fault, I put myself out there ok, but I have to understand that what I’m saying goes against the conditioned norm, people are used to thinking public school is much better than homeschool cos entertainment tv has said it over and over and over again for years. Most people want and trust vaccines, back in February in 2020, President Trump tried to tell everyone that Convid was a hoax, and he was demonized for it, so he pursued the vaccine the majority of the people wanted. People are so detector believe that the CDC and the FDA have our best interests at heart and will only do what’s best for us and that these institutions are nothing but trustworthy. People believe in the allopathic medicinal institution.

It is understood that going against these institutions will rattle some cages, however ignoring them is where the problem lies.

When we laugh together it’s great, laughter is the best medicine, when we laugh at each other for our beliefs, that’s being a bully. When we laugh at someone who doesn’t know, that’s being a bully. When we laugh at someone who thinks differently, that’s being a bully. Maybe half of my debates consisted of my defending someone who was being laughed at by a bully; I never realized how much this bothered me until I started talking about it, so maybe that was my ego and not a part of the Joan of Arc’ing.

I’m so tired of the addiction that comes with the obsessive scrolling even though I keep saying I’m going to quit, I keep going! The dopamine release when someone likes my thoughts and omg when I get shares lol, Facebook was really well thought out! There are so many triggers laid out based on what I’ve already covered, and there I go doing it again.

I’m not judging anyone for anything, I live in a glass house as well and have no intention of throwing any stones at anyone else’s home; I think I’ve finally matured to the point that I can accept that some people prefer to choose to remain asleep, power to them ignorance really is bliss. I think I can finally be ok with allowing the world to be what it is without it having to hear me roar, at least not right in their faces anyway.

Im certainly not saying that I’m going to stop roaring, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t roar, I just don’t think I want to do it on Fuckerburg’s platform anymore. I’ve thought about this conflict before, how I have so much to say against Mark Z and his kind, yet there I am, on his damn website.

I created my own platform and stayed there on his for a reason, I started my activism there for a reason, that’s where everyone was.

There are many different social media platforms now, alternative ones that work like Telegram and CloutHub and MeWe and Nebu2 and I haven’t even been on Wimkin for a while, so there are alternative platforms for those who are awake cos it’s them being censored and them who dig up said censored info. So with so many stepping off of Facebook, I think it’s my turn as well. Not to say I’ll never get back on there again, of course I will, I still would like to sell my precious items there, and I still wish to support my woke af friends, I just don’t think I’ll be spending the time I used to posting every last thing I could find in my obsessive scrolling. I would find awesome memes on Instagram and then share them on Facebook and then go back often just to see if I got any likes, it perverted my activism and I need to clean up my act.

And so, it makes sense doesn’t it, I don’t like to be shut down while making my strides so I’ll stop going where I’m shut down? It is still not about me, but I feel as though with all the drastic changes that have been made lately that now is the time to make them in my own life according to what’s best for me and mine. It’s not about me in the sense that I am a vessel for Gaia and completely protected divinely to do my part however my talents and skills best complete her tasks, but I believe I’ve evolved. There is a connection between my passion and my compassion, my understanding and my knowledge, my wisdom and my pity. I am a modern day online crusader who has leveled up to the East side to a deluxe apartment in the sky. In my mind anyway.

I stand tall here, people who come here want to hear me speak, I’m stepping out of others way which is what I feel I do on FB, it’s like I’m Adam Sandler in Big Daddy throwing sticks in front of the skaters, people are just scrolling/skating enjoying their time and then bam, negativity with my yelling.

I keep saying it’s not about me then it feels like a pity party when I say I’m just in the way, so let me clarify by saying that I’m still me, I will still stand up for anyone being laughed at, always, I will stand up for myself if need be on my own platform, it’s a word game and I’m a formidable opponent; I simply just don’t need to do it on Facebook/Wonderland anymore.

#calixtosgarden #plantingseeds #standtall #betrue #waitingforthetruthtowillout

Published by Nathalie Ramirez

My love for humanity, and for the planet, has set me on a path of healing through love, compassion, and understanding. I'm originally from a big city in the big state of Texas, making my personality quite large. I then landed in a small town that's out-of-puzzles gorgeous where people still wave at each other when coming across each other in the street. This transition has helped my development and tried relationships with distance and sacrifice. I have 2 beautiful boys, Silas and Declan, and their loving father, Curtis, who make my world go round. My political views all stem from wanting to protect this beauty in all its forms.

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