What is communism anyway?

The Godfather Of Revolution

January 26,2021

-Nathalie Ramirez

We are into 2021 with hearts blazing; everyone feels so passionately about their own stance and feel that everyone would agree with them if they would only see what there is to be seen. What we continue to fail to see is that regardless of the situation, our perceptions are so different. A group of 5 people can see the same car accident and each individual will describe the event differently, including color and make of vehicles. It’s this psychological level of thought process that is being attacked when introducing communism to the uneducated masses, provoke their heart strings with promises of getting rid of the bad rich guys and government entirely so that they can give up their rights to the state, its disgusting.

Karl Marx was a man with a great flair with words; the Communist Manifesto is written with such guise of poetry and smart words it clearly reminds me of today’s advertising on a bottle of sauce for example, it’s fatty and rich in sugar yet the label describes it as a great thing you can do for your body.

Marx also a Zionist which should explain everything to one who is familiar with Zionism. Frederick Engels was a socialist; a socialist helped to write what communism is which would work without being mixed with socialism? The ruse is in the creation itself.

Let us begin with section 1: hate the rich.

An entire section is dedicated to blaming the rich for all the of the problems of the proletariat; this word proletariat has in itself the ability to mentally raise one’s stature with its refined notion, but the word itself is a lie because it refers to the lowest working class.

The hate is in the divide of classes, and it hits it’s mark like an arrow right on center with using fancy words to make the lowest feel better about themselves, their troubles are not their own faults but the fault of an elite class who have the power to change their stations but don’t, therefore the proposition is to bring down the rich and this is meant to raise the poor by the distribution of wealth.

This is where they get ya.

The problem with this is that in section II, and I’m getting ahead of myself here I apologize, it is stated that the proletariat and the rich alike no longer have the ability to own or control their own assets giving that power over to the state, and this is where one is to trust the process and believe that everyone will then be on the same playing field. The state is to distribute the property and wealth evenly between all, yet no where is it specified who would be the one to have that power that everyone is handing over to the state, who would be in control of the state? First off, the state would then be in complete control of everything we’ve worked for, our homes, our cars, I’m sure the coincidence with the similarity with The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is just that, a coincidence.

We can all be certain that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk and Hillary Clinton will go along with this too right? Surely Bernie Sanders will give up his wealth and power so he can be equal with all who love him; which would mean they would also be willing to get a job and contribute to the common wealth of society, like they’ve been meaning to do for the past few decades? My sarcasm is thick, but no, I doubt they would give up control of their assets.

Politicians keep making promises and failing in those same promises over and over and over and still the masses continue to believe we need them at all. I digress.

In spewing hate at all has its own meanings as well; the Brotherhood, the Illuminati, all those secret societies that commonly agree on the demise of the rest of us not in the group of the elite, believe in the power of hate as we believe in the power of love.

In hate there exists racism, sexism, ageism, and we haven’t even touched on political beliefs and other affiliations. There is so much hate in the world and we wonder at it when we can be such good people. Wonder no more, hate is an offense mechanism used by them against us, well it works so well doesn’t it? This is why Jesus preached love, turn the other cheek cos hate provides a surface for resistance and friction, whereas forgiveness provides absolution and dissolution of all quarrels. Its more than a moving quote on a calendar, it fuels the machine that is The Unites States of America Incorporated.

Let me also point out how the point is to get rid of the rich by hating the rich, not learning from them about them at all and finding out why they are so successful, just hate them and get rid of them. There is no speak of trying to help the proletariat by raising him up where the rich are raised to, the speak is of bringing the rich down to the level of the proletariat, this is the real truth of communism, bringing everyone down.

The most important point to be made in living without a government is to learn to self-govern, if there is no one corruptible responsible over that power, then that responsibility must lie somewhere, ergo the people would have to be knowledgeable to the point of being able to govern their own lands; why is this not brought up by Mr. Marx?

Self-education is the key to ridding our need of corruptible politicians, teaching our kids contract law so that we can conduct our own business; this is a part of the deceit that the average person doesn’t note in politics, all law is commerce, and all commerce is law.

There has been talk all year by people claiming to have military intel, people who have not revealed their sources; they say that The United Sates of America Incorporated has dissolved. This would mean that the shadow government is no more, no more hiding behind legalese and statutes and codes to get away with crimes, and no more ability to pay their way out. This would also mean that we would be released of our chains and everything that ties us to our Social Security Number, could this be true?  

If it has not dissolved, if this information is false at it’s source, and we do have communism taking over, here is what we are to expect: section II.

I mean no offense to Karl and his memory; I’m simply remarking on his manipulative literature that is clear to the reader if they have #2020vision. It manipulates in it’s fancy wording that goes on prose with no real point, I expected to find chapters on what life would be like without a government, what utopia is supposed to look like; when reading the Communist Manifesto I found fraud, I found claims made to make one feel better about taking away from the rich, backed up with the taking away of rights of the poor.  

Section II starts with the attempt to discredit capitalism, which to the uneducated person can be perceived as the means by which the separation in classes begins and leaves out the fact that one needs to take action in order for capitalism to work. The point in communism is taking away any chance of ownership or control by the proletariat. It goes against the laws of nature to reap what you didn’t sow.

Capitalism is working and accruing and amassing fortunes depending on how hard one works and how dedicated and educated they are. Under communism it wouldn’t matter how hard one works, they will never accrue or amass any fortunes by working, yet it isn’t clarified in the manifesto either how exactly one is to have all these fortunes, just that the state will be in charge of this.

The next point that is made is the abolishment of religion, which is a contradiction in itself if you ask me, if there is no government then there is no dictation, and the people should be able to do whatever the hell they want right? No pun intended.  

The removal of God in politics and school and any public institution has been a never-ending battle pushed by the far-left radicals in the attempt to replace our worship with selling our souls to Baal, to steal our life forces from us, the true source of power.  Our life force comes in the form we can try to describe with words, such as spirit, intuition, knowledge and wisdom. We believe because we know we can trust in the universe, without being told anything by the universe like another person would communicate, but in clips and coincidences and karma; we create our own realities, our own suffering and trauma, all for the purpose of learning. We die in these bodies and come back again, maybe here, maybe somewhere else, to learn whatever we are supposed to, to do our part in the cosmic plan of the universe. Whether by accident or on purpose, we make mistakes and we learn from them, we feel bad for the damage we may have inflicted upon others, but everyone involved by these actions learned in some way or another.

The meaning of our life force may not mean to someone else what it means to me. We are beings of light, this we can all agree upon, what our life force is, is possibly debatable person by person depending on their priorities.

So if we hate, then there is power for the Zionists to push their narrative.

The following point is another contradiction, the claim to care about and honor women so much that prostitution would be abolished, which again, if they really cared so much about women they would leave them alone to do as they please.

Ridding the country of prostitution, however, has its downside. We are animals with needs after all, and if our meets are not met civilly, then they will be met uncivilly; getting rid of the prostitutes will not get rid of the perverts.

It’s very queer that the Jewish Talmud says that raping a child is a crime, unless if done so perversely, odd then that without a sexual outlet this would pervert the nation.

Section II goes on to talk about social institutions and getting rid of those, such as, specifically, getting rid of the institution that protects against animal cruelty.

Again, so odd! Because those who perform spiritual rituals for Baal sacrifice animals, please see Hillary Clinton sacrificing a chicken in her backyard for Moloch.

One cannot pick and choose, if you are for some of it you are for all of it, so if you are for communism than you are for animal cruelty, I doubt the majority would agree to this but their uneducated consent is all that is needed by those carrying out their will.

Section III then goes on to talk about how, throughout history, communism has been unsuccessful because it keeps being mixed with socialism, yet it doesn’t mention how easy this would be to accomplish once the masses have relinquished their power over to the state.

We have been fooled into thinking that there are things for our benefit that really benefit those who mean to kill us off. The problem we face, in my humble opinion, is a lack of an education, that is our biggest enemy. We are used to being provided with information yet we’ve been provided with crap, so then it’s up to each of us individually to educate ourselves on what the hell is really going on. Communism is nothing more than what I keep saying over and over, a mumble jumble of words that isn’t really saying anything. It means to strip us of our right to power under the guise of equality, no one can give us equality, equality can only be distributed between each other.

How fair is it to work so hard and have the same as your cousin who doesn’t work at all? If everyone has, than no one has.

What makes us think that a corrupted state will provide an option where the outcome would not be corrupted?

We see Biden working on undoing everything Trump did, we see people believing he will be president for the next 4 years, for people to believe the blatant fraud will stand that we witnessed live on November 3rd speaks to how uneducated the masses are. There has been speak of “trusting the plan” by Trump supporters believing in military intel that is not verifiable, but this is different, fraud was committed and witnessed and official affidavits were signed into court; witnesses testified to the fraud, thousands of them, under oath, there is undeniable proof of fraud.

Not only that but we saw the media lie about it, they went along with the fraud and were used as the catalyst to ensure society is on the same page, the media is very much culpable as well.  So why do we believe them now when they say Biden is president?

We also see convid being treated differently, hydrochloroquine is suddenly legal and advised for use for patients, the numbers have peaked finally and blue states are slowly opening back up.

If it isn’t obvious to the layman that convid was an attack on Trump, bottom line, then nothing will be obvious to the layman.

All in all, time will tell, we will know that Trump was on our side all along with the inclusion of mass arrests that we all cannot wait to see, yet we are told as well that these arrests happened already and there are clones in place to continue the ruse. When will shit hit the fan? That’s the question on everyone’s lips at the moment.

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Published by Nathalie Ramirez

My love for humanity, and for the planet, has set me on a path of healing through love, compassion, and understanding. I'm originally from a big city in the big state of Texas, making my personality quite large. I then landed in a small town that's out-of-puzzles gorgeous where people still wave at each other when coming across each other in the street. This transition has helped my development and tried relationships with distance and sacrifice. I have 2 beautiful boys, Silas and Declan, and their loving father, Curtis, who make my world go round. My political views all stem from wanting to protect this beauty in all its forms.

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