Everyone wants a ticket onto Noah’s Ark

December 4th, 2020

-Nathalie Ramirez

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We want to undo tyranny, but that cannot be done, tyranny is what tyranny does, what we have to do is stop participating in it. To do this, we must educate ourselves. At this point in time any and all information is relevant; in order for me to learn the truth, to be able to see through the oblivion, I had to hear what the tyrants had to say too, aside from what they wanted me to hear from the mouths of others.

Of course, I also listen to the truth as well, as it is told by people like me seeking to provide a vessel for the truth to come out.

It’s never my intention to tell anyone what to think, that is up to the individual alone, my sole purpose is to speak the truth as I see it. I can’t make the truth be a lie, nor can I make the lie be truth, as much as my honor and respect in words lies; all I can do is let it out as I see fit according to the research I have done.

All you have to do is read, and you too can overcome the deceit of the deep state.

I saw a meme of Trump golfing after every alarm the media sounded that was meant to induce panic. At first glance this, to me, was a way of letting off steam, but upon closer inspection one may note the lack of a threat the President feels by both Convid and the deep state.

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The deep state is trying harder than ever to continue the ruse for total control, and many may think they might actually be successful, but all I see is their steam running out. My mom always said that the dog that barks the loudest has the most to fear.

The far-left radicals have lost lots of their support, they still have the uneducated who are still asleep, but even their intuition is ringing.

Watching the hearings of election fraud gave me more confidence than any that I’ve had this year, knowing how many people are willing to stand up for what is right simply by telling the truth about what they saw during this year’s election makes these people my heroes. The deep state has always had a way of shutting up whistle blowers, up to death, I have seen this before with doctors speaking up about the dangers of vaccines and members of the military speaking up about climate geoengineering. If not death, they receive constant threats to themselves, their loved ones, their pets; they lose their jobs, even their families for standing up against the herd. The deep state will do what they have to shut people up who are speaking up against their corruption.

Tactics are many, but the foot soldiers to the fraudsters are naïve and do not think critically, they give themselves away.

Republicans were escorted out all day for minor Convid infractions during the voting process, meanwhile the Democratic foot soldiers were following no Convid regulations aside from wearing masks. A hate for Trump so strong has led many to believe that doing the fraudulent thing is the right thing to do, the path to hell is also paved with good intentions. The deep state believes in the power of hate, they are rolling with this “Hate Trump” theme to accomplish their goal.

This thought process always takes me back to superheros and cartoons and comic books that are ways of explaining to us the existence of the power of good and evil and how one can use it and apply it their own lives. Both sides are equally powerful, both sides take the same concepts and either take it to a place of light or a place of darkness. I find it so ironic that the Illuminati, as dark as they are, honor light, enlightenment. The rules are the same for all of us, whether we know them or not, ignorance of the law does not excuse one from it.

Thing is, the deep state screwed us over, all of us, for their own selfish gains. People are asleep but inevitably waking up, one by one, and even if all the popcorns don’t pop, most will. When that happens, the deception will not be allowed to continue.

The recognition of fraud is evident, all you have to do is look up any of the court hearings that have been taking place this year, watch what is happening vs. what is being reported by the media, or what political policies are being pushed constantly by entertainment tv. The ability to see through the fraud is a practice that can be worked on by strengthening your intuition.

Listening to the debates and the recent hearings really made me realize how much our humanity is silenced. Like clapping or showing any sort of emotion for the topic at hand in a courtroom, for example. Civility is one thing but acting like robots quietly in our boxes is another entirely. I understand courtroom etiquette, I do, but it has evolved to the point of being all mind, no emotion. We are not allowed to express ourselves unless it fits the mainstream norm, otherwise we are to ridicule the individual.

Our world came to a stop this year because we were told to stop, and we did stop.

What about all of those who have died?

I am sorry to anyone and everyone who lost a loved one this year because of this pandemic, if it was heart disease that was claimed as a Convid death, or a suicide as a direct result of the fear porn that is ongoing, you have my sincerest condolences. The symptoms of Convid itself are a result of a group of viruses known currently as SARS-COV2 that causes Convid, or so it is explained. Convid is not itself singular, it is not one thing that can be studied. This group of viruses leads to more shadows and deceit in the unclear science it rests upon. One virus, like influenza can be studied and learned, a group of viruses that cause Convid cannot be studied, only speculated upon. This leaves a lot of room for error, for play; which is exactly what the far-left radicals want, just enough of a smoke screen to get through on false promises of taking care of the people on the guise that we deserve to be taken care of. We need to take care of ourselves, especially when we find out that the best way to beat this virus, that has a survival rate of 99%! Is by taking care of ourselves.

If it even exists.


We have a country of unhealthy people mainly because of advertisement and marketing. Edward Barnays is donned The Father of Propaganda. Propaganda is more than a definition in a dictionary, it is a science they have mastered amongst their secret brotherhoods for a long time. Making us think what they want us to think, mostly for control, and a large portion for laughs as we are a source of amusement for them. The reason symbolism gives them away is because the symbols either symbolize their prayers to their God, Satan, or it is somehow a joke on us for the crap they are getting away with right under our noses. The Dominion logo is an excellent example, one I received slack from the fact checkers on Facebook, though how the logo itself is a lie is beyond me.

Image may contain: text that says 'When a company's logo says exactly who they are Goes in and comes out DOMINION VOTING CHANGING THE WAY PEOPLE VOTE'

Which brings me back to my initial point: we want the deep state not to deceive and control us anymore, yet we don’t know how to go about living our lives with this grip we find ourselves tied into. I am not perfect; I woke up and found myself smack dab in the middle of all the crud. I have since been working on trying to swim to cleaner waters and I know we will all collectively make it to shore. It is a daily task to work toward undoing the chains of slavery that never went away but became ingrained into our DNA instead. We long for our chains, fight for them, yet we don’t know we are even doing so, all because we were fooled so well, for generations.

So where do we start to dig ourselves out?

Hell if I know, we are all on our own journeys and need to discover our own paths. I guess the starting point is realizing this, that we have chains around our wrists and ankles and especially in our minds. We are bound only by ourselves by deceit and manipulation, no one can make us do anything we don’t want to without themselves receiving karmic retribution, this is understood well by the deep state. So, you must consent, this is what I mean by don’t participate in the Tyranny, do not consent.

Actual sources and paths to take? Well, I can tell you mine.

My partner got the symptoms of colon cancer. I wont go into too much detail but suffice it to say that he found a man who went through the same thing he was going through, this man actually went through the surgery and the chemo, when he found a plant based diet. This man had a history of good health with his mom believing in everything natural and holistic, and he dove right in. My partner found this and decided to make the change himself, it was only natural that I do so as well, I did not want colon cancer, and a natural way of preventing it? Well its common sense isn’t it?

It was hard to do at first, for the first year I went through the motions of get-togethers and birthdays and holidays, and mind you my mother is an excellent chef, so I was not fully vegan the first year. But for the most part I was, and after that year I have maintained the struggle. I notice when I feel ill because of a certain addiction I have with a certain type of food, or when I’m not detailed enough in the food I eat when milk or eggs are sneaked in, I can really feel the difference. You would think that having a healthy body would make it easier to withstand these negative sensations but it’s the opposite, almost as if ridding your body from all the crud leaves you more vulnerable to it. This makes me think of how my mom always says, just a little bit won’t hurt you! Yeah well, I know she means well.

It is a struggle; it is a lifestyle change. All my life I ate animals and dairy and eggs, so going to eating only plants took dedication, inspiration, and creativity. I have to say that today it is easier than it was 5 years ago to find recipes and tips and even great bargain shopping, plant-based eating can be cheap! Especially when you are no longer spending any money on animals and animal products. A big part of the struggle is having to cook, junk food is not clean even if it is vegan, what is clean is the fresh and frozen produce and dry bin food. We also eat bread and pasta and tortillas. Taking the time for cooking large meals to have leftovers in the fridge is terribly important, eating out is not a very healthy option even at the healthiest places in my area. I love this lifestyle and am incredibly grateful for the benefits we receive, its worth every effort I make toward it.

So, with clarity of mind, the first thing I saw was vaccines. I sank myself into vaccine research just as I sank myself into 911 when I was 13, with the same obsession, drive, and passion. I read and watched everything I could find on them, lost sleep over it, and I didn’t even have kids of my own yet. The more I learned the more I found that society pushed me away, cos I have always felt the need to share what I learned, with irrefutable proof, from the rooftops. See my blog, “Vaccines: the science”, to know how I feel about vaccines.


The first thing my partner saw was climate geoengineering, he found Dane Wigginton, who has lots of sources and information about how the government has been controlling the weather since the 40’s. All of Dane’s weekly radio shows start with a speech by JFK talking about the existence of the deep state, and how “…he who controls the weather will control the world.”

Of course, as vegans, we learned about the atrocious animal industry, I will save you the atrocity I’ve written about it before in “Being vegan for our health, for the planet, and for the animals – not what one would expect”. This path led to learning about the villainous food industry that feeds America.


When I worked in construction, I was an Estimator for piping and insulation, the necessity of keeping cold and hot products at the desired temperatures at major factories and plants. I worked with the chemicals found in the ingredient lists of all the foods found in between the fresh produce and the frozen produce isles, the chemicals found in our hair and skin and teeth products, all poisonous somehow. The OSHA standards were kept high on the raw materials, how it made its way into our lives like this was baffling to me. This goes so much deeper than GMO’s, Monsanto is a devil of many faces and proportions. Learning what eating animals and animal products is a different beast altogether to what these chemicals do to our bodies, and most importantly, to our brains. For example high fructose corn syrup stops our bodies from telling our brains we are full, so they make it to where we are never full and can continue to binge eat; this is true devil work right here created by the deep state intentionally to harm us with cogs in a machine doing all the leg work.

Quotes about Education and critical thinking (44 quotes)

The attack, continuously, seems to be to our brains. Read any vaccine insert and you will see that the side effects are neurological. Geoengineering requires the need of tons and tons of metals, all of which affect our brains first and foremost. Look up the chemicals listed in the ingredients in your food cabinet to see the effects of eating them, a lot of which, you will find, affect the brain.

The last rabbit hole I encountered was perhaps the biggest and deepest one of them all, that we each, as landowners of American soil, having been born here, that we are Sovereign. Look this word up in a law dictionary, like Black’s Law Dictionary, and every single other word as well for a better understanding.

This is the level which separates the driven and the lazy. It takes a lot of time and patience, I had to listen to this information over and over again to finally begin to understand it. Self-education leads to critical thinking, This is what They don’t want us doing.

To understand what it means to be Sovereign you have to understand the difference between being Public and being Private. An excellent source is Yusef El with High Frequency Radio, he provides lots of good information for free, and excellent information on SPC University. His latest post on YouTube he describes how Jesus understood the difference between the Public and the Private with Mark 12:17, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”. Caesars coin being referenced to the Federal Reserve, the Public. Caesar has his own coin let him be, you don’t need to have anything to do with it, you don’t have to participate in the Tyranny…

There are other sources like The Hail Razor and Brotha Truth. There is no one book you can find this information in, this information is hidden from the public. If one who is knowing of this information goes to court, this person is made to wait until everyone else is done so as to keep it unheard from as many ears as possible. It requires lots of reading, reading case law mostly, and lot of other books like Paper Arrows, The Affidavit of Sovereignty, and The Redemption Manual.

Living privately means conducting all of your business in private without the help of the government. This means learning Private Law, and Contract Law, and Administrative Law to start. Understanding setting off debt vs. paying it off, which would surprise one to find that by paying it you are adding to the national deficit, you can help lower our national debt by setting it off instead.

What I found is that everything is tied together, as it turns out there are 6 companies which own everything, EVERYTHING. Business is law, all law is commerce, and we don’t know the rules of the game. The game players coming up on top are the same ones, the deep state mainly, who keep the likes of us away by charging high dollar for valuable access and information. They do not breed with us as they believe themselves to be better than us genetically. And they keep all the goodies to themselves, hidden away to be found only when we can see their things as they have seen ours with the Patriot Act.

The best goodie they keep to themselves is Natural Law, which holds up in court as much as does secular law. It is the law of attraction, The 7 Hermetic Principles, The Kybalion. These are also rules of the game, learning them we can start to be successful in our own lives.

This is a big part of indoctrination and propaganda, we manifest what we think most of the time, what we believe to be true IS and becomes so. With entertainment tv they fudge things up to get us thinking in a way that will make us be unsuccessful. If we believe that taking this or that business risk is going to fail, then it will fail. If, in turn, we believe it will be successful, then it will be successful. These are the rules to the game.

A great example of this is the character Van from Reba. He’s a jokester therefore hard to take seriously, but he is constantly talking about making the law of attraction work for him, and it does, but one takes it as a joke because he is taken as a joke.

Religion and prayer as we know it fudges it up majorly. We believe in a God that we believe to be outside of us, instead of knowing that we are Gods and Goddesses ourselves having the powers as Gods do. We are offended at the notion that we can take the almighty God we have always known and recognize it as a power source, one that still deserves the same fear and respect, but one which we can draw from through meditation, prayer, or psychedelic experiences. When we pray, we pray to a God outside of us hoping he’ll give us what we wish for if we’re good, like Santa, another figure that demolishes our belief in magic when we learn he’s not real.

You can learn some things and not others, dive into one subject and master it, making you a go to for that subject, but all of it is tied together. The dangers in Big Pharma are the dangers in Big Tech are the dangers in the shadow government aka the deep state are the dangers in the Vatican.

At the end of the day, nobody Has to do Anything, but I can guarantee that those who do nothing will be one of those popcorns at the bottom of the bowl that don’t pop.

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Published by Nathalie Ramirez

My love for humanity, and for the planet, has set me on a path of healing through love, compassion, and understanding. I'm originally from a big city in the big state of Texas, making my personality quite large. I then landed in a small town that's out-of-puzzles gorgeous where people still wave at each other when coming across each other in the street. This transition has helped my development and tried relationships with distance and sacrifice. I have 2 beautiful boys, Silas and Declan, and their loving father, Curtis, who make my world go round. My political views all stem from wanting to protect this beauty in all its forms.

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