Vaccines: the science

If you haven’t seen Vaxxed: From Cover up to Catastrophe, you have to watch it. It never made sense to me how many people hated it so automatically yet they had never seen it for themselves? The same techniques to discredit Qanons is currently going on. If the events in Vaxxed aren’t true, then why not have a hearing to determine the findings and reprimand for defamation? Why censor all of the information supporting this film?

Many doctors have spoken up, the whistleblowers are increasing in number. The ingredients are questionable, the amount of vaccines is also growing in number though there are thousands of diseases for which there are no vaccines blowing herd immunity out of the water, not to mention most parents are not fully vaccinated themselves. There are many holes in this topic, so much more than meets the eye.

Knowing what I know about vaccines, I’m not against the theory, exposing us to disease does make our immune system react. It’s the side effects, the list of ingredients we’re not made privileged to the information to when being told “you have to do this for your sake and the sake of others.” As a mom, I have to consider the sake of my kids. I look up nutritional facts for cereal, for the processed cheese alternative slices I’m currently addicted to, to the broccoli from the particular farm it came from; of course I’m going to look into the ingredients in medicine and vaccines as well.

Vaccines aren’t treated the same as medicine though, pills have to undergo trials and extensive research to get the right chemical equation accurate enough for FDA approval. Vaccine manufacturers conduct their own studies, and they have no liability from prosecution from harm and/or death. That means you can’t sue them if you or your kids get hurt, and that they themselves are the ones who decide whether their product is harmful or not. This is not the case with the rest of medicine, why the exception here?

In Vaxxed, Dr. William Thompson, MD, employee at the CDC, talks about how studies began to prove that there was a link between kids of darker skin color to be more likely to become autistic when vaccinated with the mmr vaccine before 24 months old. Specifically, the film brings to light the measles, mumps, rubella(mmr) vaccine.

The amount of vaccines is increasing, a nurse used to walk in with one or 2 vaccines, but when they started coming out with 4 or 5 or 6 at one time, parents became alarmed. So they created trivalent vaccines, and this is where the anomaly began to occur, because trivalent vaccines contain thimerosal, a mercury containing ingredient, that’s added in order to suppress the growth of bacteria with the mixture of vaccines. Mercury in the brain, that’s what was causing problems. And then one by one, himself excluded, the members of the board at the CDC agreed to sweep this information under the rug.

Congressman Bill Posey, Representative of Florida, brought forth Dr. William Thompson’s findings so Dr. Thompson can legally talk about this without breaking the contract he signed when accepting his position at the CDC.


Rep. Bill Posey states that, “It’s troubling to me that in a recent Senate hearing on childhood vaccinations, it was never mentioned that our government has paid out over 3 Billion Dollars through a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for children who have been injured by vaccinations.”

“George Cecala, a spokesperson for Posey’s office, confirmed to Forbes that the source of the quote was indeed the set of documents provided to Posey’s office last August. Forbes reports:

“According to Cecala, “those are Thompson’s words,” quoted from the materials that Thompson’s attorneys provided Posey.

Cecala says that the documents in question will be distributed only to members of Congress and will not be made available otherwise until if and when a hearing is held.”

Why has there not been a congressional hearing regarding this matter? Why not bring Dr. William Thompson forth and determine whether or not his claim has any credibility, and if it doesn’t, why not reprimand him for defamation? Until a hearing takes place putting this matter to rest, I do not trust the CDC, I take what they offer with a grain of salt.

I’m sure you’ve heard all about how Dr. Andrew Wakefield was discredited, but have you ever heard HIM speak? Have you ever heard his side of the story? Listen to how he was railroaded by his peers, I double dog dare you.

I can’t talk about all the science in this film, there’s so much, Dr. Thompson spoke out in the only way he could, he spoke to Brian Hooker, and told him about the sequence of events leading up to the cover up.

There’s a lot more to this than I have words for, seeing the kids that become affected and are hurt, it’s mind numbing. There are so many of them. Polly Tommey, Producer of Vaxxed, started awareness of her own, Autism Files Magazine. Her son, Billy, regressed into autism when he was 2 shortly after his mmr vaccine. When they first spoke out, they received so much support from the parents of other injured kids, that now it stands in the thousands, all parents who take care of sick kids, kids who became sick soon after their vaccinations.

Consider Senator Robert Foley after the death of his 2 month old after receiving the pertussis vaccine:

We are all so afraid of viruses, but as of just a few decades ago, we didn’t have vaccines. If you are 35 or older,  it’s more likely that a 6 month old baby has more vaccines than you do. Humanity as a species, has survived for centuries without them, yet those who choose good nutrition as prevention over the band aid solutions that have side effects listed on manufacturer inserts, are considered people of the twilight zone.

Dr. Stephanie Sennef, Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She received the B.S. degree in Biophysics in 1968, the M.S. and E.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1980, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985, all from MIT. She has tons of information on glyphosate, the harmful ingredient in Round-up, and startling enough, it’s also in the mmr vaccine. She states that if we continue to vaccinate at the rate we are now, every 1 out of 2 kids will be autistic by 2030.

We will need adult day care centers for half of the population, who’s going to fund that? Who’s going to take care of all of them?

To speak about the ingredients, you have to take each vaccine and look at them one by one, because they don’t all contain the same ingredients. Aluminum is in a lot of them, it’s used as an adjuvant to increase the productivity. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s.


The polio vaccine infects people with polio, and takes lives. The thing with polio is that 1% of the population doesn’t overcome this disease, why can we not look into this rather than vaccinating 100% of the population for what 1% suffers from?

Polio:questions and answers pdf (type this into your search engine for the PDF file)

They have animal DNA, for the virus must be derived somehow and it’s impossible to isolate the DNA from the virus. Any vegans or vegetarians reading this, vaccines are not vegan or vegetarian. They have cow gelatin too.

The flu shot, aside from being one of the only single vaccine doses containing thimerosal, the mercury containing agent, only prevents a very small percentage of strains of flu that may or may not be in your area. People who are vaccinated with the flu shot, shed the flu. Be sure to ask what strain of flu you have and compare that strain to the strain that was in your vaccine, if you are sick and were vaccinated.


An actual, impartial, controlled study studying the differences in vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated children has not been conducted, why?

Baby fetal tissue is also an ingredient in vaccines, it was derived from 2 babies in the 70s after 26 different aborted babies samples were studied, and a boy and a girl were chosen.

The ethics of using aborted fetal tissue to continue to try and make more vaccines is very controversial, how moral is it to take life in order to save life? It’s contradictory and in the realm of double speak.



Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD, nephrologist who specializes in the kidney, author of “Dissolving Illusions”, wrote some papers for Merck, has tons of information as well. She has a study that showed that the kids vaccinated with the mmr vaccine were shedding the measles strain that’s in the vaccine.

When a kid comes in with the measles, and the kid is vaccinated, the doctor will call it something else. When a kid comes in to a doctor’s office with the measles and the kid is not vaccinated, they will call it the measles.

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny, author of “Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for all Ages”, also has done extensive research. This topic has 2 sides, the side of the people who agree with me, and the side who call me crazy. Both sides deserve to be heard, if he hadn’t already, President Trump to sit down with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and hear what she has to say for himself.

And who hasn’t heard about Robert F. Kennedy’s advocating?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny discusses how it wasn’t vaccines that eradicated diseases, but proper sanitation, clean water, clean food, and proper hygiene.

Most people haven’t seen this information, the people who call me crazy, they haven’t read these books, seen these people speak, they’ve only seen the contradictory side saying these people are wrong. There are plenty of medical works explaining away how these ingredients react with the body calling them safe, but again we don’t get to see the opposition, just what they want us to see. Show me the controlled studies and peer reviewed journals so that I may determine for myself, another scientists findings will not be the last word for me. So many are corrupt, so many are biased.

If you’ve seen this information, and still choose to vaccinate, that’s your choice, of course. In my years of advocating, I’ve tried to be careful not say that people shouldn’t vaccinate, this is wrong and immoral. It’s not up to me, or even up to the doctors, it’s up the parents. It’s the responsibility of the parents to become informed of the side effects and repercussions other children have experienced. To hear the stories of thousands of parents who’s kids got sick or passed away. No one is telling you what to do, all I’m saying is that we need to become informed as a whole, not just on one side. 

Are you familiar with VAERS(Vaccince Adverse Event Reporting Sytem)? Their very existence should be first hand knowledge for all parents.

I’m not afraid of my kids getting the measles, I know what the disease entails, it’s a fever and rashes. I’ve heard it said that the measles causes blindness and brain damage, but aren’t those side effects of the vaccine itself? I suppose it’s not exactly the same, but look at these side effects and warnings anyway.

Package-Insert-Measles-Mumps-and-Rubella-Virus-Vaccine-Live_0 (1).pdf (type this into your search bar for the PDF file)

The Brady Bunch has an episode where all the kids came down with the measles and had a poopy time. Mrs. Brady keeps a board of all the diseases the kids get so she can keep track of what diseases the kids have immunities for.

I’ve researched the measures to take of isolation, hydration, constant checking of the fever in case it spikes, boosting nutrition where I can, the list goes on.

The connotation that I’m a bad parent simply because I choose not to vaccinate is unfounded. My kids immune systems are great, I make efforts every day with whole foods from fruit to potatoes to green smoothies, my family is healthy, is yours? I share information to inform others of the dangers that are out there, I’m not calling anyone a bad parent for not taking heed of my warnings, why am I a bad parent for being a good researcher and being cautions where there is need for caution? If you are worried about my family getting your family sick, you can abstain from coming around us, some have, my kids have family members they haven’t met, probably won’t in their childhood. If you are afraid of diseases, become knowledgeable about them. You can try and help the kids state of mental health by positive reinforcement, you can create a strong faith in spirit and in self, if they’re too young to instill faith, then it’s up to your faith momma as your faith is subconsciously theirs. You can educate your kids on the benefits of healthy eating and the side effects of unhealthy eating. That list goes on as well.

This topic is a tough one so I keep it to myself; however, here on my platform I have compiled a list of why I choose not to vaccinate. Please read/watch it thoroughly before judging me. I will not judge you if you see this in its entirety and continue to choose to vaccinate, but I will take offense if you judge me for choosing not to.

There is tons of information on the opposition. This information is so heavily censored that when I try and find it I struggle quite a bit, I find nothing but a concentrated fill of information saying my side is wrong. The opposition doesn’t interview my side, they’re all ad hominem attacks.

This topic is more censored than ever, I used to be able to find all sorts of information on this and, writing this now, it was very difficult to dig up the information that I did find. Scary world we live in where we can’t see all the information for ourselves, only what is presented that we are to take as fact. If you look up any of the names I’ve mentioned above, you’ll find an immediate ad hominem attack to this individual, you may find their home site, but it will be surrounded by information bashing them. I only see bashing on “anti-vaxxers”, but I can’t find any of the “anti-vaxxers” articles, not very fair is it? Censoring like this is a classic case of mind control. If I hadn’t already done the extensive research that I had, for years, before this censorship took hold, than I would probably be convinced that vaccines are perfectly safe too.

I used to be able to find articles opposing Dr. Paul Offit and now all there is is praise for him. Praise him, fine, but let me also see what the opposition has to say. This is scary. I can’t find who funds this man, what ties he has, I needed a memory refresher and I can’t find anything but articles glorifying him.

What choices we decide to make when it comes to the health of our children is our choice and ours alone. The only other person who has a say in what to do and how to care for my kids is my kids father.

Please enjoy these random memes and screenshots of my travels online, there’s a lot of information out there, I’ve only scratched the surface. Happy researching, you’ll find tons of one sided information calling me liar, to this I say, call Dr. William Thompson a liar in court, not with the media.

If you choose not to vaccinate you will be asked to sign a form that basically says that you are an irresponsible parent and if your kids get sick it’s your fault. Don’t sign it! Ask them to sign something like this instead:

Thank you for taking the time to read this in its entirety :).

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