I don’t always agree with President Trump

If I don’t follow blindly, and I hate saying follow because I stand beside those I agree with, I’m watching; I’ve compiled a list of things I don’t agree with when it comes to President Trump.

While it’s not a long list, it’s a tough one.

First is vaccines. I’ve shared enough posts about their lists of ingredients and their side effects to ascertain my stance on them. It’s not that I’m against the theory, it’s that I’m against the fact that they have never been proven to be effective while not harming anyone. And then they sweep the side effects under the rug, and then only 1% of them receive compensation from having been harmed by them because vaccine manufacturers have full liability from prosecution due to harm or negligence which is exactly what they do. I always believe nature provides fully, as is my faith in spirit, and this too was proven with abstaining from vaccinating. For example having the measles, aside from receiving lifetime immunity from experiencing it, no boosters needed, you get immunities to diabetes as well.

All comes from all, even the unpleasant, because there is a divine plan, and even if the experience is a bit unpleasant you come out the other side better for having gone through it. Makes us tougher, stronger, when we allow our bodies to heal themselves. It’s a poor immune system that can’t handle it, but it’s such a small percentage of us with poor immune systems that the need for medicine as it stands today is needed for only a small percentage. Most illnesses are due to a poor diet and lack of exercise, and now we have a lot of illnesses that are side effects of vaccinating, check the manufacturer insert for the side effects of what the kids are experiencing, all the way to ear infections, kids who are not vaccinated don’t get ear infections. Mostly, however, the side effects are neurological.

It’s all about profits, they don’t care about our health, if they did we wouldn’t be one of the sickest first world countries with the highest infant death mortality rate.

So when I hear President Trump talking positively about vaccines, I become discouraged. That first week that marked the pandemic for me, when I posted the video of his speech on my YouTube account, President Trump said the vaccines would be clean as of that following Tuesday. No, I didn’t believe him. If vaccines manufacturers could find a way to make them and mass manufacture them as clean, they would have done so. When they first started their dirty vaxx scheme that was hurting and killing thousands of Americans, one by one they started to give up trying because they were failing. The last manufacturer decided to, instead of give up, ask the government for liability from prosecution from harm and/or death so that they could continue to make them. The government obliged the last standing vaccine manufacturer, today they are Moderna.

President Trump said that there will be a major highway built next year, I never found out where this highway was meant to be built; I’m very curious because I hate when people have to move their homes for a highway to be built, and I hope I don’t have to experience this myself. Well, he said that Obama and the recent previous presidents said that the making of this highway would take years in litigation alone, let alone building it, and that he would be having it built in one or 2 years, that it didn’t need the 50 years or however many years Obama said it would take. President Trump also said something to this effect about the vaccine making process, that there was a lot of bogus actions done prior that weren’t needed and that you would be surprised by how much one could accomplish when everyone works together and they have the same focus.

I don’t know what to do with this other than continue to sit here and wait, my family will not be vaccinated.

Now vaccines have chips for tracking. I used to follow them a lot more closely, when I wanted to have enough information to decide whether or not they were for my family, but when I decided that they were not, I stopped following them so closely. So I can’t speak to the different vaccines available like I used to, nor am I aware of the chips being local, are they in Omaha or Lincoln? Which one is it? What’s it’s name? What is the list of ingredients and what are the known side effects?

The second topic in which I cannot fathom its continuance is climate geoengineering. Though the skies are finally blue again, believe me they were gray for years, it’s still going on. I heard in one of the FB communities supporting President Trump that what is now being sprayed is meant to counteract the metals sprayed prior, but I have yet to find anything to confirm this. The blue skies makes me sit and wait, but continuing to see the planes spray irks me.

I can’t talk about climate geoengineering without talking about the hurricanes. When we have natural disasters like that, its usually because the earth is trying to correct itself somehow. Climate geoengineering via HAARP tied the earths hands behind her back by cloud seeding, and by chemical ice nucleation, and every time there was a hurricane or tsunami, the geoengineers would steer the course of the hurricane and send it to another country. Haiti was hit on purpose very unfortunately. The “donations” from the Clinton’s kept the Haitains down to where they could not become successful themselves. For example we keep sending shi*** government rice there, making it impossible for a rice farmer to get ahead. Same with shoes, and it keeps going. And then there’s the human trafficking aspect because, it seems, that where there is a Clinton, there is human trafficking.

The president of the Philippines stood up to Obama, he said he did not want American troops on his waters surrounding his country, I think that’s a reasonable request, I don’t want Philippine troops on our waters either. Obama hit them with a tsunami. The following week the president of the Philippines stood strong and repeated his request to Obama, I gained respect for him when he did this; so Obama hit them again, 2 weeks in a row, with another tsunami. 

Add the purposeful drought in Iraq before the 9/11 plan and you can see how dangerous this weapon is, how ruthless these people are.

The last topic I have to speak on in which I disagree with the president, is natural gas. I watched a documentary that I’m looking for again, where the geologist talked about how the oil derived from the earth is replenished, so its like the earths blood that’s being removed. So if it’s replenished then we have constant sources and would never run out. This is just a theory I have yet to be able to prove, I can’t even find that documentary, but I think about it every time I think about drilling. I grew up in West Texas, so I grew up seeing oil rigs. All I really knew about them is how much money the people who worked there made. There is a lot of controversy with drilling for oil and what it does to the earth, even more so when it comes to fracking. Are these actions really bad for the planet? Are they necessary?

What I don’t understand is that I also heard the president talk about how there would be a release of Tesla’s patents. Nikola Tesla that is, the infamous inventor. One of his inventions is free energy, a huge tower that kind of looks like a water tower with a flat top and much taller, that everyone within a certain distance would be able to derive free energy from. The transition to free energy would consist of the community having to give back with some kind of community service for this free energy. I wonder too, what role the 5g towers partake in this particular scenario. It is the 5g towers that are making everyone sick, we have low enough immune systems because of how utterly polluted everything we do is from breathing to drinking water to eating to being around our cellphones to being afraid, all of these polluted actions lowers our immune system then the scalar waves of the 5g towers initiates the symptoms we’ve come to know as covid. This is the theory by many experts, doctors and scientists included.

If he does, in fact, have control of the towers, why are people still getting sick? If they can be used non-corruptly with some more of Tesla’s work, why the continued need for natural gas?

President Trump sold acres of land for $2 an acre to Big Oil. Why? Why was this same land not as easily accessible for the average American? Why is he continuing the drilling if it’s bad for the planet? Giving Americans jobs at the expense of the planet is the wrong direction. Am I wrong then, in believing oil drilling is a bad thing? Because it can be replenished? What of the tectonic plates being affected causing earthquakes?

I wish we had more clarity, but there is an enemy that is being fought, so positions cannot be given away. I know this enemy well for I have been following for years. The enemy is thwarted here and there by President Trump so I can say with certainty that he is fighting them. These decisions however, are some I do not understand. There are so many levels to each one that I’m forced to take pause, to sit and wait. I remain vigilant and cautious, though there’s not much I can do other than have an opinion on the matter, and I always have an opinion on the matter.

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Published by Nathalie Ramirez

My love for humanity, and for the planet, has set me on a path of healing through love, compassion, and understanding. I'm originally from a big city in the big state of Texas, making my personality quite large. I then landed in a small town that's out-of-puzzles gorgeous where people still wave at each other when coming across each other in the street. This transition has helped my development and tried relationships with distance and sacrifice. I have 2 beautiful boys, Silas and Declan, and their loving father, Curtis, who make my world go round. My political views all stem from wanting to protect this beauty in all its forms.

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