Pickling pickles – Phase II

2 chocolate bell peppers 1 trinidad moruga scorpion pepper 1/2 red onion 3 cloves of garlic For the brine: I followed this recipe- https://www.themediterraneandish.com/quick-pickled-cucumber-recipe/ – tweaked it to accommodate for what ingredients I did and didn’t have. I tripled the recipe, I added dill, and also some thyme from the garden. After setting it aContinue reading “Pickling pickles – Phase II”

The wall at the Mexican border and what it represents for me

There are some graphic statements in this piece, please do not continue if you are weak of heart, or if you are under 18 years old. I have come to find, that every policy which triggers anger within us, is a tactic initiated by the deep state. The illegals being here for example, there wasContinue reading “The wall at the Mexican border and what it represents for me”

On the law of attraction

According to Kevin Trudeau: (On the Great Depression of 1929) A man asked another man, “how are you handling your finances, life?” The other responded, “Oh, I chose not to participate.” Turns out, 70% of people still had jobs during the Depression, so it’s about perception. He found the elephant at a circus chained toContinue reading “On the law of attraction”

A whole other race of “persons”

There is a whole other race of “persons” that we know about yet forget them quickly when it comes to rights. The corporate race. They communicate with each other and are more organized than the Italian mafia. They tell us what to do by pushing mandates such as telling us to wear masks that haveContinue reading “A whole other race of “persons””

To wear or not to wear a mask – a heated debate

There are a couple of things I would like to talk about, one of them being sensitivity. I’m in several homeschooling communities on FB, all of the ones I’m aware of. I need to ensure I specify that there’s a difference in homeschooling, and the virtual school at home a lot of the kids areContinue reading “To wear or not to wear a mask – a heated debate”

The Democratic National Convention(DNC) is like Robot Chicken on Adult swim

The DNC reminds me of Robot Chicken on Adult Swim, just a bunch of word mumble jumble with no real point other than undercutting the Pres every now and then. Them asking all their friends and coworkers of color what they think of the candidates; there was a particular gentleman of color that can barelyContinue reading “The Democratic National Convention(DNC) is like Robot Chicken on Adult swim”