We are slaves with the illusion that we are free.

We are enslaved by our jobs that are for the most part not enough to get one by.

Then we vote for people who we think share our values but once in office most of the values they talked about during election are no longer a priority, and lying is not illegal so they can say whatever they want. Either way it makes no real difference because the ones in charge, the cabal, the proverbial “they”, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellars, the Morgans, so on to name all that stand in that bracket of the richest 1%, “they” are the ones who have been in charge…

#calixtosgarden #plantingseeds #illusions

Published by Nathalie Ramirez

My love for humanity, and for the planet, has set me on a path of healing through love, compassion, and understanding. I'm originally from a big city in the big state of Texas, making my personality quite large. I then landed in a small town that's out-of-puzzles gorgeous where people still wave at each other when coming across each other in the street. This transition has helped my development and tried relationships with distance and sacrifice. I have 2 beautiful boys, Silas and Declan, and their loving father, Curtis, who make my world go round. My political views all stem from wanting to protect this beauty in all its forms.

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