Repetitive curiosity

I keep hearing the voices of the ones who came before me

The screams and the shouts

The warnings of mistakes ever made eternally

We repeat the unease and call it negativity

Without realizing the need for it All

Since the beginning of time it All comes from All

That means the necessity of it All

Is there for learning and understanding

Not for judgment or criticizing

Yet even through judgment we learn

When we do so or its cast upon us

For it brings to light

Real colors despite

The message that may or may not come through

The real point is growth

Expansion and warmth

Maturity and compassion

Embracing the child within that sometimes had to go without

Life lessons that turned into blessings

When they made us hardcore

Creative and unique

Inspired within

And ever released

Uniquely disguised with masks of pain

Things we hold dear sacrificed in the end

For achange deep within

Taking value from material ends

Moving on toward mental toughness

To face the tides that hit our shores

And wreck havoc disrupting the tides

I try with my might to stand upright

And throw my strength with airy flows

Push back here

Pick up there

Keep on going toward that fictitious end

An illusion created for my insanity

Cos either way I am human

And through it all I just keep on walking

Even when this body fails

My soul will carry on

#calixtosgarden #plantingseeds #repetitivecuriosity

Published by Nathalie Ramirez

My love for humanity, and for the planet, has set me on a path of healing through love, compassion, and understanding. I'm originally from a big city in the big state of Texas, making my personality quite large. I then landed in a small town that's out-of-puzzles gorgeous where people still wave at each other when coming across each other in the street. This transition has helped my development and tried relationships with distance and sacrifice. I have 2 beautiful boys, Silas and Declan, and their loving father, Curtis, who make my world go round. My political views all stem from wanting to protect this beauty in all its forms.

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